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Laboratory chemicals in 5Light canister

chemfidence / laboratory chemicals offers many solvents in 5-liter canister.

Your benefits:

  • Protect health: The small canisters are lighter to carry
  • Reduce storage costs: No in-house stocking of larger quantities necessary because our express delivery
  • Save space: The canisters are easy to handle, stackable and take up less space in the safety cabinet
  • Save time: No more refilling of large containers
  • Level control at a glance: The canisters are stable and translucent
  • Fast removal: Many withdrawal systems directly screwed
  • Security: On both sides large label no repackaging needed with symbols, suitable for transport of hazardous materials, no electrostatic dissipation required

We stock your needs in our large chemical storage. For more informations please contact our laboratory team or send us your requirements.

5Light canisters are lightweight and portable

5Light cans are stackable and take small amount of space

Accessories such as drain taps and thread adapters available

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