Substances, metals and high-purity compounds

chemfidence supplies substances, metals and compounds

Via chemfidence you can obtail a large number of new, in part more exclusive chemical building blocks, such as spiro-chemicals stannanes, boronic acids, oxetanes and thiazene. Together with our partners, we can advise you about these products.

Furthermore, we offer a wide range of new fluorinated compounds of widely differing basic structures. The use of these novel compounds has great potential for active ingredient research in the areas of pharmaceutical research and plant protection. The substances are usually available at short notice.

A variety of these compounds can be regarded as basic structures, however, their possible substitution patterns cannot be shown here. We will gladly check the availability of the compounds with your desired substituents.

In addition to these new fluorine compounds, we offer a comprehensive range of research chemicals, inter alia, in the following areas:

  • fluorinated compounds
  • heterocycles
  • catalysts / ligands
  • organo-silanes and -silicones
  • unique synthons
  • boronic acids
  • phosphine
  • metal-organics
  • precious metal compounds
  • high purity compounds
  • chiral compounds
  • ceramic powders
  • nanomaterials