This business unit specializes in the procurement of liquid raw materials and solvents. Together with our logistics partners, we have a comprehensive approach that ensures the procurements of products via waterways, rail and road makes its way to storage in our tanks and then to the subsequent supply of our customers directly by pipline into their production or per tank truck, larger and smaller transport containers as well as drums.

Traditionally, we supply our consumers with methanol, acetone, ethanol, isopropanol, formic acid and other organic solvents. Every year we move over 250,000 mt of products.

We look back on over 40 years of experience in the supply of large-scale industry. Our clients include them well-known companies from the fields of chemistry, pharmaceuticals, crop protection and life sciences.

Our services


Oliver Düll
Head of Business Unit Solvents
Phone +49 69 305-24821

Reliable providing

Long-term contracts with producers and suppliers ensured our ability to deliver even in times of limited availability. In the case of break downs on one of the transport routes an emergency plan, which ensures the supply via another transport route, exists. For example, during extremly high or low river levels supply of our tank stocks is taken over by road tankers or railroad tankers instead of barges. 

Customized Supply Chain Solutions

Our service includes the procurement of products and their transport and storage at the Höchst site. Especially through the direct delivery to production plants in the Industrial Park Höchst, we enable our customers to optimize their entire supply chain.

Tested Quality

The extensive quality requirements of our consumers are ensured through regular monitoring and analysis of the products by a certified testing laboratory, especially before storage in the supply tanks.