Regulation (EC) no. 1907/2006 (REACH) was enforced as of 1 June 2007. Through this regulation the chemicals legislation currently in force should be standardized throughout Europe. More than 40 valid directives and regulations that regulate the use of chemicals in Europe are to be integrated or replaced by REACH. Upon commencement, this EU regulation applies directly within the EC and the EEA Member-States.

REACH is based on the principle: "No data, no market" (Article 5). This means that substances and uses which are not registered within the period specified by ECHA, may no longer be used.

According to the principle of burden of proof REACH transfers the obligations to verify the safety of chemicals by the national authorities to the manufacturers and importers of chemicals, as well as to all industries that manufacture products using chemicals. This includes chemicals that are used in everyday life, such as paints, varnishes or detergents.

All manufacturers and importers of chemical substances must the risks (toxicity, environmental fate, etc.) determine the products manufactured by you and placed on the market substances and documented. The manufacturer or importer is thus responsible for the safe handling of its chemicals / substances themselves.

The registration deadlines of pre-registered substances are as follows:

Deadline Material section Status
01.12.2010 Substances > 1000 t/a implemented
  carcinogenity, mutagenic or toxic to reproduction categories 1 + 2 (so-called "CMR substances")> 1 t / a implemented
  Substances that are classified R 50/53 ("very toxic to aquatic organisms")> 100 t / a implemented
01.06.2013 Substances >100 - 1000 t/a implemented
01.06.2018 Substances >1 - 100 t/a implemented

As part of the communication in the supply chemfidence provides its customers with appropriate safety data sheets and the updating of these documents for your use.