Packaging Materials


The characteristics required for a packaging material are varied: It should be durable, dimensionally stable, functional, it should conform to standards, be reusable, easly disposible, correspond to the relevant directives and regulations ... and much more.

For an optimum packaging solution expert advice is needed. In cooperation with our packaging manufacturer we support our customers in the creation of customized packaging concepts and find the optimal solution for your packaging requirements.

As before, the users / bottlers alone bear the responsibility that their products are filled into appropriate packaging and placed on the market. Through our many years of experience in dealing with packaging, even for hazardous goods, we are able to support you in an advisory capacity.


Stefan Westenberger
Head of Business Unit Packaging
Phone +49 69 305-12547

Secure protection for your valuable cargo

There are different materials on offer, depending on the type and strain experienced by a product during its storage and transport. These may be corrugated card board, plastic, glass or metal.

When transporting hazardous materials approval for the transport of dangerous goods (UN) should be noted. For shipping and storage in countries outside Europe, we provide the necessary special packaging.

In addition to standard packaging materials such as cans, bottles, cartons or pallets we also offer custom-made or ready-made packages. If required, we provide the necessary storage space.

Economic efficiency

The packaging influences the cost of storage and logistics. An optimal packaging solution is therefore oriented, in particular, towards the manufacturing processes at the customer, the dealer and transporter.

Quality of the packaging material

All packaging material distributed by us is subject to our own packaging quality control system. This system consists firstly of the certification of our suppliers, as well as from qualified incoming goods inspections. The combination of both measures, combined with our long experience in the field of packaging consulting and auditing services, ensures a consistently high quality in our packaging.